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30 - 45
Learning Disabled
I have a learning disabilities.'' witch I can't explain.''
meeting new friends
you see I have a picture of me of my boyfriend on here .'' with me I am Amanda I am outgoing friendly don't be afraid to message me.'' no men please thank you.'' I am here to make good friends.'' I am pretty real as well
pocket letter.'' crafting. coloring. cooking. singing. dancing. fashion. doing my nails.'' hang with my boyfriend.'' going on walks watching movies.'' I love to day dream.'' I m very endepentent.'' love hanging with my best friend of 6 years. I am a good person to be friends with.'' I also like coffee walking doing my nails time to time writing stories as well
walking hanging with friends
working 2 jobs and saving money
Christian music .'' hiphop.'' not rap.'' pop music,'' rock trance music remix music.'' some country.''
safe haven.'' where the heart is.'' she's the man.'' and many more movies to come.''
full house.'' scream the tv show. mtv shows. talk shows.'' Disney channel shows.'' cop shows.'' and friends.'' that 70s show.'' boy meets world.'' 7th heaven
safe heaven. fault with are stars and mary kate and Ashley books when I was younger.''
the lord is my heroes he keeps me going.'' and my mom and my sister.'' and my oldest brother.'' that makes me the youngest
i like all places





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