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meeting new friends
Hello,I'm a 49 year old single man and as I've recently become deaf after an illness I've decided to look for new friends as like a supermarket trolly I seem to be moving in small circles!
As you can see from the previous comment I have a pretty awful sense of humour but I believe that humility, honesty and the ability to not take yourself too seriously can see you through most of life's ups and downs.
My interests include cooking I make my own bread, by hand and not in a machine! I like to draw and paint, especially watercolours and I have been known to dabble with pen and ink on occasion.
i enjoy reading, my favorite authors are James lee Burke, anything by Ian Banks or Irvine Walsh. For humour I like to read Will Self and for his humanity and telling a good story you can't go wrong with Kurt Vonnegut a litery genius in my humble opinion.
being creative
to be better in everything I do and have a better understanding of others
As I am now deaf,music was always a great passion of mine. I like northern soul, tamla motown, anything by the who, small faces, the kinks music from the 60's. Growing up in the 70's, the jam, the clash anything from the two-tone movement. Varied and quite a different choice of tastes for inspiration and lifting me when I needed cheering up.
Anything by Quentin Tarrantino, the blues brothers, animal house, gladiator, alien and the later film Prometheus.
The Italian job, the original and the best film along with Blow-up to come out of the 60's.
Blackadder, series one through to four.Black books, Absolutely Fabulous. Q.I.
Feast day for fools, James Lee Jones, Bitteroot same author, Slaughter house five Kurt Vonnegut, The book of Dave Will Self,The Readers Digest Do It Yourself manual which has always got me out of many a sticky situation!
My Mother for her dry humour and her affection and my Father for his intelligence, insight and inspiration.
Being in the company of family and friends
My Penpal
Hello, my name is Paul I am profoundly deaf, I lost my hearing in April 2013 and have been making adjustments to my life since then. I'm not the "finished article" I would say that I'm still the same person as I was before my hearing loss but my sense of perspective, what matters to me has changed dramatically.
I'm hoping to learn BSL, British Sign Language, in 2014 and also enrolled on a Lip-reading class which hopefully begins in January 2014.
I have many like and not so many dislikes, but hey don't we all at some point in our lives!
If you'd like to e-mail me to chat, chew the fat about life, whatever makes you laugh,if you're frustrated and want to let off-steam I'll be here for you.
Thanks for reading my pen-pal posting, I look forward to hearing from you soon.





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