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Stroke Survivor
to find a partner
.i have a great sense of humor and love to laugh.( i was class comedian.)....i am diabetic, ( see how sweet i am )and never took care of that and i had a stroke in 91, try ay who...and have to walk with a walker, when i'm alone... or cane, when i'm with someone cuz i need their arm, and use a wheelchair for long distances...try ay who....my voice was also effected, more nasal, not slow...i guess you could look at it this way,(because i walk slow) by the time we walk in the restuarant, we wont be hungry anymore, look at the money, you'll save...or you could be starving and spend a fortune...lol. but seriously, i'm very warm and loving, passionate and effectionate... i guess i just look at things, that it could be worse, so i never complain...PLEASE HAVE A PCTURE OR I CANT COMMUNICATE...
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