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30 - 45
meeting new friends
i am a married a 41 and have fits fibromyalgia asthma and have recentley been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and p.c.o.s designed to make life a bit more trying for me.I have 2 cats (1 kitten as a friend for other cat)like making cards(slowly when i have the energy) i am married and live in yorkshire.dont mind who writes male or female be nice to talk to a fibro sufferer thou' xxx anyone can contact me I need someone anyone to talk to,not interested in any form of relationship.
I like f1 motor racing,cats and other furry things,i love making cards despite my illness slowing me down,i can't do them for long as pain gets worse.i like playing games on my dsi and mobile phone but only educational ones and puzzles.
cuddling my puss cats.
getting a decent nights sleep!!with no pain.
Pop 80's aha,Duran Duran,petshopboys,bucks fizz,anything off xfactor or Britains got talent.wham,
Lovey dovey ones ie sleepless in Seattle,animal ones ie Beethoven,
Top gear(Richard Hammond pwoar!!)call the midwife,xfactor and Britains got talent,animals on you've been framed,you tube,born and bred,my hero,one foot on the grave,Emmerdale,anything with ant and Dec but NOT I am celebrity(yuk!!),the chase utter brilliance love it when Bradley Walsh can't stop laughing.fast and loose David Armand is god interprative dance is brilliant.any comedy with Michael mackintire,lee evans.dancing on ice
Can't hold them for long so tend to not bother or listen to audio books real life like Richard Hammond,michael mackintire,animal ones,general knowledge ones like encyclopedias
Richard Hammond,ant and Dec,torvill and dean,Johnson beharry,Damon Hill,Tom listed,Matthew Wolfeden,Cain from Emmerdale.
My Penpal
I am a 37 year old lady looking for friends of either sex to chat to who like
Me are disabled as well NOT people who are not disabled who just want to talk on skype!! have fibromyalgia,asthma,fits, food allergies and agorophobia.I have 2 cats and am married.i enjoy making cards and watching f1.I hope there are some nice people out there to talk to.i am unable to get the chat feature to work and am abit of a computer phobe.

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