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46 - 59
Anxiety/panic. Personality disorder. Schizo affective.
to find a partner
I am a 56 y.o. single male. I am unemployed due to what is known as schizo affective disorder and also mild schizophrenia and personality disorder. I get panic attacks when I drive by myself for more than a couple of miles. I get very annoyed around people in the work world because I tried the work world and can't deal with it. I am affectionate and kind. I like music and taking walks. I prefer sending my picture via personal emailing.
Music. walks.
My favorite classical music composer is Mozart. Concerning pop music, my choice is The Beatles. Also, there are several 1970s pop/rock songs that are on my list. The best quality music for me is certainly the works of Wolfgang A. Mozart. I prefer his upbeat, beautiful compositions versus his slow, sorrowful ones.
Probably Star wars. But there are many that I like.
I focus on the 1960s tv shows. Lost in Space, Star Trek, Twilight zone.
Probably encyclopedias.
Whoever controls the afterlife.
probably walking in the woods. Or on a secluded beach with a fine woman.




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