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Blind / Sight Impaired
meeting new friends
Hello to everyone where ever you are in the world. It is said "A man who has friends must himself be friendly". People say am a friendly person, and am on here to make friends.

Am not one to sing praises of myself, i rather have others say good things about me.
Polarizing figure, but not divisive, and for a good reason. I am a person of values; i can’t compromise on my principles/beliefs just so am accepted by those I disagree with. This does not imply am self-opinionated. I value consulting and were possible reaching a consensus. Am tolerate and patient, resilient and have great tenacity. I wouldn’t live without my God, my family and my friends. My regrets are my mistakes. Am welcoming, warm-hearted, benevolent, reserved, assertive, i endeavor to be honest at all times and am a just person. I love to be at peace with those around me, therefore, I try not to wrong others and avoid arguments.

Even though am differently abled and encounter challenges. To me, life is beautiful meant to be enjoyed; fitting to be celebrated cause it's wonderful; filled with unquantifiable wow moments.

A merry heart is good for the soul and laughter is an integral ingredient of happiness. I’ll talk to any one and every one. If you’re like me who wants to be happy, am glad I’ve found you.
i love cycling, but i don't cycle long distances as i used to before i almost got ran over by a truck. Am picky on what movies i watch; a movie with a good story line does it for me. I wouldn't say am a TV person; what attracts me to TV are documentaries and food and cooking shows. (What i lack in interest for TV, is adequately compensated for by the love of RADIO) I watch an array of sports disciplines. My interest gravitates towards soccer, (am a gunner fan) rugby, track & field or generally athletics, boxing, motor GP 500cc, car rally and weight lifting. I listen to almost all genres of music; however, i have a preference for 90s: R&B, POP, RAP, HIP-HOP and the like. I enjoy gardening and taking long walks. I like to research on things I’ve little or no knowledge of. Novels I read sparingly. I spend considerable time surfing the web looking for like minded people, reading educational articles for differently abled persons and of anything of interest.
the Godfather, Raging Bull
things fall apart, Thomas soya




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