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46 - 59
I am not telling you
to find a partner
want a Woman that is not too hurt and not too

hard to trust again and can give herself to

a man to be loved 469times and taken care

of 202 moment in a day in a way that will

bring joy of life and an appreciation she

will look forward to every day for 5156

years that we will live to love eachother.

There is a lifestyle of marriage in the Lord

that gives life and purpose to being married

and can really be enjoyed. I am looking for

that quality of marriage and ready for

commitment and everlasting relationship.A

wise intelligent and serious Woman will put

the numbers together and contct me, and will

also see this as a good woman that is

interested in serious relationship's cntct
I'm not a big music fan. I just let it play in the background, but I rarely know who I'm listening to. I watch a few sitcoms, but if I miss an episode, it's not a big deal. Mostly, I watch Discovery, HGTV and DVD's from Netflix.
love all kinds of music
I like to buy books, but I don't seem to read very many of them. I like going to Barns and Noble to see what they have, but my favorite place to buy books are Good Will and the used book store. Mostly I read Home Improvement magazines.
The Black Hills of South Dakota are one of my favorite places to visit. I always like to explore new areas and see something that I might have heard about. Anyplace with history is on my bucket list !!!




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