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About Me
46 - 59
Wheelchair User
a few
meeting new friends
I am in a wheelchair but only recently last few years multiple health problems I like most things try to get on with life day by day and try to look at the funny side of things would prefer to converse with female only if possible If you want to know more just ask I don't bite I will chat about most things and try not to judge take me as you find me as I try to with others
outdoor indoor
camping fishing
lots of things
what ever comes
rock n roll classical most things realy
lots depends what mood iam in lol
futuristic si fi documentaries
my mum
and granddad
both now sadly gone
east coast of yorkshire
My Penpal
manly looking to chat with other people from any ware easy to get on with gsoh
serious when you have to be but fun loving
and be able to have a laugh
very friendly
anything you want to know just ask

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