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to meet someone with the same disability
Hi my name is Matt, I am 24 years old and I work full time for a packaging company in Stockport as a stripper! I strip the excess from newly cut out cardboard sheets. I have previously been a volunteer at my local hospital, local cafe, dog grooming parlour, restaurant kitchens, and have worked in a green grocers. I have learning difficulties and I stammer a bit when I talk, but that gets better the more I get to know people. I am friendly and sociable and I am quite independent. I like horses, and I can ride very well. I also like dogs and cats. We have a Rottweiler, Olde English Bulldog and a King Charles.
I live in a village in the hills called Charlesworth. I like to go out for meals, cinema, dog walking, shopping. I like to have a walk up to the village pub occasionally. My mum has helped me a little with this message. I am a kind loving person who would just like to find the someone who will accept me.
Computer games, Countryside life, Cycling, Dancing, Dining out, Dogs, Horses, Movies/videos, Music/concerts, Night clubs/going out, Pets, Shopping, TV
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Mumford and Sons
Chilli Peppers
Frank Sinatra
Any Disney
East enders
Coronation Street
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I am looking for a sociable individual, who would like to talk about lifes experiences, we could chat about favourite places, best days out, films watched, favourite walks. And, who knows, we may at some point want to meet up?

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