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meeting new friends
Hi friends how are you hope you are fine
Today I m going to introduce my self with you
I m ddisable person
I have small body and thin legs butt I don't
Think about my disability because of I
Know I cannot change my disability butt I can
change my life with my abilitys and skills I have
my skills and ability big then my disability I don't
Care what people think about me I m minutely strong
because of if I think about people I never live my life
I have experience In computer related field
software ,data entry
Books written, Photoshop designing any kinds of computer related
I like to meet people I like to go outside
I proved my self this time people don't look my disability
Because of I change people's thoughts about disability
So this time people like to meet me Like to spend time with me...
Forget your disability and Explore your abilities
Regards Syed omair
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