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About Me
46 - 59
Depression / Anxiety
mental health and all it brings
don`t know
In a long term relationship.
Father of two children.
Have suffered from m.h.
problems since two assaults,
on me when i was still a young
man,many moons ago.

Backslider,born again christian.
Used to enjoy doin lots of things,exploring historic sites. etc etc,dont get out much these days but would love to get back to all that again,tho` id settle for a few
mates/penpals right now.
Advocacy/rights of disabled citizens.
staying alive... no smileys huh
Everyting, a to z.
Inclusive of christian gospell
. etc. Used to be a ufo/slade/
and floyed fanatic,still like
them as much as i like,genesis and the beatles but tastes change.
Too many favs to chose from,
let alone list.
Best to ask me.
As above,though ripper st,new
tricks,and enterprise rate high,as favourites.
No favourites as such.
Anyone who stands up for others.
London, with glasgow a close second
My Penpal
Hi, im greg,would love to make new friends as
Ive suffered from m.h,problems for longer than i
care to remember,so ken,i understand that,but im
not limited to just that when it comes to making
new friendships, if that makes sense,so if you
want to add me, view my profile and pm me.

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