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Hydrosyfilis, in English, that means "water on the brain"
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Hi, My name is Phil.
I have all the time in the world to read your emails.
Please read "my pen pal" for more about me.
Fantasy Football and answering my pen pals all day. I live with my computer. I am a safe way to release your deepest concerns. I am a great listener.
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My son and my best friend
Boston, Mass USA.
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Hi Everyone,

Hi, my name is Phil. I live in a nursing home in Boston Mass, USA. I am 62 years old. Divorced with one son who is 34 years old now. I have a few things. The three big ones are: hydrosyefflis, which means "water on the brain". It doesn't effect my intelligence, but it can effect my balance. It's a long story. I have also suffered from a strong case of depression and anxiety. I have been battling that since I was about 16 years old. It is under control in this nursing home. They control it very well with medication. I would still rather be alone and I sit in the dark, but that is nothing compared to what I was used to for the past 45 years. I have lived here for 3 years now and this computer is all I have, so send me some messages and keep me busy talking to you. I'm kind of liberal, but I don't bite. I don't come to this site very often. You can reach me at : phigan781@aol.com if you don't mind personnel emails. If you would rather not, I understand. It takes a while to trust somebody. I just keep trying to find good people. Most leave, but I have some relationships that have lasted for years. What ever you would like to talk about, I am up for it. This is long enough. I'm better at reading emails than I am at writing them. Talk to you soon.


P.S. I am no longer living in a nursing home. I have moved about 1100 miles and now live with a wonderful woman who is 15 years younger than me. Everything worked out great. My email is : phigan781@aol.com. I never come to this site, so the only way to reach me is by email

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