Well, it’s the end of another year and so much happened this year we had the Queens Platinum Jubilee, The Commonwealth Games and the Football world cup in Qatar, and finally, rugby league world cup, England wheelchair rugby team won the world cup. A big step forward for the Wheelchair  Rugby as it was televised live.

Also, we sadly lost Queen Elizabeth II and now have King Charles who will be Crowned this year.

AbleHere.com has a shiny new website!! We hope everyone is happy with it, Over the last few months, we have had a lot of new members so a huge welcome to them and enjoy the new site!

We have new features on the new website, and it works on mobile devices.
One of the main features is  you can write what is on your mind? This is on the home page in the Notifications box. You can write anything like poems, stories, your thoughts, etc

New video page, new videos will be added weekly. Have a look at the current videos. https://www.ablehere.com/videos.html

New Disability News page, here you will be able to find the latest disability news.

They is a lot of talk about mental health and New Year can be a hard time for some people, so if you know someone who is suffering or alone please talk to them or if it is yourself please chat to someone, why not come on the website and use the online chat or message users as it’s good to talk!

Well, all that’s left is to wish all members old and new a very Happy New 2023 and keep warm from all at Able Here!




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