Deaf person with hearing aid signing to woman
A charity says the sessions will help companies "better understand the needs" of deaf people

Deaf students in Devon are leading awareness training across the UK, a charity says.

The Deaf Academy said its students were delivering sessions at the Met Office, University of Exeter and across the UK at the NHS, police and National Trust.

It said sessions would help companies "better understand the needs and capabilities" of deaf people.

Mark Stocks, the academy's partnership and community manager, said training would also help the wider community.

He said: "Part of our academy's mission is to help the public to develop a greater understanding of the needs of the deaf community.

"Sometimes people don't communicate with a deaf person, as they are afraid of getting that communication wrong, so through these sessions, we aim to reassure people and give them the tools they need to take away that fear."

'Understand deaf culture'

The academy said the content was tailored for each organisation, such as explaining how handcuffing a deaf person "takes away their ability to communicate".

Student Hugh, 24, said it was "important to teach deaf awareness to hearing people in order to help them understand deaf culture", and Timothy, 17, said the community needed to "feel included in a hearing world".

"It helps ensure the two communities are more integrated," he said.

Mr Stocks said it involved the students to "promote independence and build their confidence".

"It's been important for us to involve our students, balanced of course with their studies, as another of our aims is to provide our young people with opportunities to be involved and be part of the wider community," he said.

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