Liam McGenity

Liam McGenity was found dead at St Mary's Hospital in Warrington

A clinical psychologist involved in the care of a man who took his own life at a private mental health unit has said the ward "was not appropriate for his care".

Liam McGenity was found dead on 2 March 2021 at St Mary's Hospital, run by Elysium Healthcare, in Warrington.

Cheshire Coroner's Court heard the 29-year-old believed he was being "unfairly detained".

Dr Lee Mulligan told the jury Mr McGenity had struggled in acute care.

He said he had provided psychological sessions for Mr McGenity while he was at the psychiatric intensive care unit at Atherleigh Park Hospital in Leigh, run by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

During this time, he said he had seen Mr McGenity for eight sessions, which was "more than any other patient he had worked with".

Mr McGenity was moved down from the psychiatric intensive care unit to an NHS bed on the Eve ward at St Mary's Hospital on 6 February.

The inquest heard the NHS was paying for private beds because of an increase in demand that arose during the pandemic.

Dr Mulligan replied "yes" when asked by coroner Victoria Davies if he thought Mr McGenity's mental state would worsen without psychological therapy and visits from his family.

He added Mr McGenity had "interpreted the actions of loved ones and care providers through the lens of delusional beliefs" and that he struggled in acute care when he was under restrictions.

Dr Mulligan told the jury it brought up "uncomfortable feelings about being controlled".

The inquest heard Mr McGenity was placed in seclusion shortly after he was admitted to St Mary's Hospital because "his behaviour indicated that he was a risk to himself and others".

Liam McGenity

Liam McGenity's father previously said he had been "consumed with a dreadful illness"

While he was in seclusion, Mr McGenity harmed himself and required emergency medical treatment at Warrington General Hospital.

The court heard Mr McGenity was required to isolate in his room for 10 days from 9 February when he returned to the Eve ward, in accordance with Covid guidelines.

The doctor with overall responsibility for his care while at St Mary's Hospital said he first met Mr McGenity on 9 February.

Dr Obiajulu Okaye told the inquest he did not recall the decisions around isolation but said the fact Mr Genity was put on two-to-one care indicated he needed round the clock attention.

The jury heard Mr McGenity's mobile phone and laptop were confiscated under restraint while in the unit because he was "accessing distressing images" and syringes, cannabis and cannabis oil were later found in his room.

Dr Okoye said the 29-year-old "would and should have been searched" before coming into the unit but the items "may have been secreted" on his person.


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