Donna Horsnall


Donna Horsnall said she worried about her son, if she were to die


A woman who is hoping to raise £31,000 to pay for cancer treatment has said: "I want to be here for my son."

Donna Horsnall from Ludlow, Shropshire, said chemotherapy on the NHS might not be enough to help her.

She wants to pay for additional immunotherapy and said the support from family and friends had been "amazing".

Her 11-year-old son has additional needs and she said: "I just don't know what's going to happen to him if anything happens to me."

Ms Horsnall said she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy which ended in 2021.

But three months ago she discovered it had returned and has spread to her breastbone and lungs.

She said she was told her prognosis is not good if chemotherapy doesn't work, so wants to pay for the immunotherapy to run alongside it.

Speaking about the immunotherapy, she said: "The success rates are amazing so I'm really desperate to try to raise the money if possible."

Separation anxiety

Ms Horsnall said she hated having to ask for anything, but she worried what would happen to her son if she were to die.

She said: "He has real bad separation anxiety and he doesn't leave my side.

"If I go anywhere he wants to come with me, just got it in his head that mum's going to die all the time."

Fundraising events, arranged by friends and family include a musical event in the Wyre Forest in May and so far £1,500 has been raised.


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