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Transcribed Webcomics – are they enjoyable, or just awkward? Feedback please! 3 years 4 months ago #67328

I tend to be obsessive, and REALLY get interested in one or two things at a time. My latest obsession was with a web comic, and soon the obsession spread to my transcribing them. It has been multiple months, and I am still going strong, but it is hard for me to tell if anyone is actually using them. If any screenreader-users would be willing to give them a read/listen and answer the following questions, that would be helpful to me.

Here is a link to the first comic series I am working on: DescribedSodaBoy

It is targeted towards teens and young adults, so such groups are more likely to enjoy. Anyway; my questions:

1) Was that enjoyable? If not, why? Was it the format, or did you just not like the story? Was it just too awkward and frustrating?
2) Is there anything I can do to the format to make it better? Are there any changes I should make to the way I did the storytelling?
3) Was the list of titles an okay way to get from one comic to the next? Should I put the link to the next post at the end of the one before it? (For example, at the end of the first comic, I could put a "next" link, that would then take you straight to the second comic, and so on, so one would not have to return to the list and hunt for the next one.)

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