Really need help as I am struggling

4 weeks 1 day ago #73463 by Misscartoon9

I am not sure if anyone can help me as a autistic older adult I am just fed up being single and find meeting new people a challenge I do go out and socialise but feel left out as I don't like the smell of cigarette smoke and I am not a alcoholic 

unfortunately there are no dating or friendship agency's or speed dating events in the Kent or Medway area especially those with a learning disabilities I have tried dating websites but it didn't work out plus I am trying to find asexual meet ups locally but only find some in London which is too far away from me I did find some LGBTQ meets up but only in some parts of Kent 

my dream is to find love this year but I fear it's never going to happen because I don't think I am around the right people as the meet ups I go to are mainly during the evening when it's too noisy it would be great if there was more that happen during the day or the weekends but sadly there isn't any I feel so alone 
Most of the meet ups I go to happen during the evening but there is nothing that happens during the day so yes I am struggling with trying to be social
I suffer with low mood swings and anxiety I do have online therapy on zoom but I don't think this free therapy is working I was thinking of trying hypnotherapy but not sure if it will work I have fears and phobias 
I used to do volunteering work but sadly not everyone understand me because of my autism so I left I didn't get much support not sure if it happens to everyone with a learning disabilities it would be great if more people were trained in dealing with those with disability or mental health issue
I just feel alone because I find it hard to meet new people and to social like I said before most clubs and groups I go to are the evening when it's loud and noisy I just want more geeky pop culture stuff that's local if you watch the big bang theory TV show your understand what I mean
I have really bad depression so I don't feel any happiness or joy anymore 

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2 days 2 hours ago #73506 by SarahC
I’m Sarah, and I just joined the forum yesterday. I’m just kind of feeling my way.
I have Cerebral Palsy and I am unable to do anything for myself, my mom takes care of me like she always
I spend a lot of time writing and also read a lot. The computer is the way I can do things myself
Church is my place to be with friends
I am interested in being friends

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