How do y'all have healthy relationships with this bs?!

1 month 2 weeks ago #73412 by pain.chronic.words.iconic
How do I build a life with someone where we both feel happy and fulfilled when I'm really just twelve illnesses in a trenchcoat? I'm not talking about dating, although that's of course hard in its own way,  especially with invisible illnesses , I'm talking about once actually find someone. I'm moving in with my boyfriend, so I've been asking these questions a lot recently.

So far, the best advice has been about equality vs equity-- as in, your relationship might not be equal, but it can be equitable. And that means whatever the both of you decide it does-- as I said in the  blog post  I eventually wrote on the subject, "the actual balance of work is less important than how you both feel about it." Which is certainly true;  communication is crucial. 

And all that's great and fine and good, but I still feel like a burden sometimes, and I hate that I can't shoulder an equal load of some of the chores. I'm moving in with my partner soon and would just truly love to hear from someone who has made a relationship with someone able-bodied work in the long term. What do you to do keep the relationship healthy? 

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