The Power Couple With Bones Like Glass

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POWER COUPLE and rising social media stars, Dejua and Antwon, were both born with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). Also known as brittle bone disease, the condition means their bones are "like glass" and they estimate that, between them, they have suffered "painful" breaks over 600 times. The couple have "both fractured ribs just by sneezing before" but their shared experience of OI has meant that they can "really understand each other... When we are hurt, we know how to handle each other pretty well." Others have not been so understanding though and the pair have had to face their fair share of negativity ever since they began posting on TikTok and YouTube. They have regularly been called "Mr and Mrs Potato Head" and Antwon has been told his fingers look like "French fries" and asked whether he uses a voice filter. But he has never allowed the trolling to phase him - "If you think I'm ugly, that's your opinion, I do not care" - and hits back with comic skits designed to "let people know that you're not hurting me." And even though everywhere they go "people stare", that has done nothing to deter the couple from living their best life. Dejua is adamant that "having OI does not control me" and Antwon has found a new confidence too - all thanks to Dejua: "It's just really showed me that I can find true love. I'm living life, she's living life."


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