Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness

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Does anyone here have multiple chemical sensitivity (formerly referrred to as environmental illness?  The number of people who have been diagnosed with or self-reported as having multiple chemical sensitivity has grown quite large.  As a population, we are made to believe it is all in our head, caused by anxiety and some form of mental illness.  However, the symptoms are real, but varied, so hard to narrow down.  Common triggers are perfumes, scented products, wood burning smoke, food odours, vehicle exhaust, chemicals from construction, off-gassing of furniture, to name a few.  It has become rather debilitating for me and is causing a housing crisis of sorts because there is nowhere, either rural or city, that doesn't have wood burning fireplaces, barbeque/outdoor fire pits, bonfires, debris burning, prescribed burns.  I have an IQ Air purifier but that only does so much.  Can anyone relate?

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