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iPhone via the iPortal video 8 years 8 months ago #42173

Jonty uses an iPhone via the iPortalTM Bluetooth connection with a DX-REMG91 Remote and a DSL Head Array.

Jonty told us, "The year after my accident, I went to the Expo in Brisbane,
partly to see a world class event and partly to prove that I could still
do things like this. It was based on the theme of 'Leisure In The Age
of Technology' and in the days pre digital cameras, pre iMacs and pre
smartphones it was very gimmicky and mostly for entertainment.

However, I came away thinking that technology was going to be a means
to solving some of the problems I was now going to face and I needed to
keep up with the latest devices"

He went on to say "After only 10 days of using the iPortalTM, I have found
that it is like my glasses, I cannot begin my day without using it to set up
my appointments on my iPhone, send out texts and check the daily TV
listings! During the weekend I even used my iPhone to record my son's
first goal at football, what could be better than that!"


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