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Tobii Ceye with C12 model review 7 years 4 months ago #47935

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Tobii Ceye with C12 model
The Tobii Ceye system was very good and accurate, after one week I improve my accuracy. However, this wasn’t consistent over the 2 weeks. Some days I was awful and other days my accuracy was great! I think this is due to my cerebral palsy as some days I shake a lot and depends how tired I am. And also I suffer from hay fever with itchy eyes, this particular day I was useless on the eye gaze. I spent between 2 or 3 hours on the system per day, after an hour my eyes started to ache and after 2 hours my eyes was stinging but I am a fighter so I don’t give up.

The mouse controls on the right side would be better across the screen because it makes the web browser narrower as a result it makes some websites hard to operate and view.

The mouse icons could go across the top or bottom depending where the keyboard was on the screen. If the keyboard was at the bottom I would prefer the mouse icons along the top because you would have less chance of catching the mouse icons while you are typing. The current setup I was hitting the mouse icons when I was trying to hit the backspace. This is very annoying as you need to click on the keyboard again.

I think you should have another left mouse option on the mouse layout. It was a bit annoying having to click on left click icon every time you wanted to do a left click. So why not have multi left clicks? Meaning, if you left click on the left mouse icon twice it will lock. This would mean, you can keep clicking on without selecting the left mouse icon every time!

The keyboard within the mouse section is really hard to do maybe because the red clock doesn’t come up on this keyboard or maybe the keys were too small for me to hit.

I know you can use Tobii communicator for typing on the web but the layout of the web grid could be a lot easier. For example having a cell to highlight the address bar without using the mouse. I have loads of ideas; I would recreate the whole web grid layout to make it easier for the user.

Tobii communicator was good but I know it can be a lot better. I have been designing the grid from sensory software for over 12 years; my personal grid system has over 200 grids. I didn’t like the way tobii communicator store phases. I have better ideas on how to do this.

I timed myself using 3 devices to type my address

1. Headpointer with a key guard, = 43 seconds
2. Tobii eye gaze C12, = 1 minute and 52 seconds
3. The grid 2 with a head switch = 2 minutes and 31 seconds

All 3 tests were in spell mode without predictive text.

The hardware on the C12; the CPU is very slow and the ram is only 2 GB. Sometimes it couldn’t keep up with my eyes especially when I was surfing the web, sometimes I could see a delay when I was trying to click on something, I think it wasn’t working and then it starts to work but it’s too late as I turned away. Very annoying.. When I opened a few windows the system became really slow.

Report by Karl Dean 2013

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Re: Tobii Ceye with C12 model review 7 years 4 months ago #47946

Hi Karl,

Interesting review.
I am eager to get to know your suggestions for different keyboard setups. Would you mind emailing me at uli.ehlert (at) tobii.com?


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