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TOPIC: Benefits changes: Your questions

Benefits changes: Your questions 7 years 1 month ago #47421

Benefits changes: Your questions

How does the bedroom tax really work?

Answer: One spare room = 14% off housing benefit, 2 spare rooms = 25% off.

Question There've been a lot of changes to get the country out of recession. What happens when we're clear?

Answer: I don't think they'll reverse the changes! But let's hope fewer JSA and Universal Credit claimants.

Question: What is impact on tax credits? We both work 30hrs+/week pay £42/day nursery fees & rely on tax credits.

Answers: Increases limited to 1% pa for 3 years, have to tell them if your income rises by £5,000.

Question: Will more people be entitled to benefits? Is the average family worse off?

Answers: Under new Universal Credit 3.1m families get more (Av £168 a month), 2.8m would lose but get "protection".

Question: I've renewed my Higher Rate DLA, will this last for normal 3 years or will there be changes in October?

Answers: You're right the new Personal Independent Payment will start to replace existing DLA claims from October. But you may only have to switch to PIP this early if your DLA claim details change.

Question: I'm confused. I can't understand how anybody earning 50-60-70-80k can claim anything.

Answers: Well, their Child Benefit is now being taken away, but they still get pension tax relief.

Question: If I refuse to pay the council tax being imposed on me, will they take it from my benefits?

Answers: Many losing some of their Council Tax benefit because government cutting 10% and shifting payment to councils. If you refuse to pay Council Tax you'll get reminders but risk a court summons eventually.

Question: wife claimed JSA & taken off benefits after 6 months. Any changes that would allow her to claim benefits?

Answers: Contribution-based JSA lasts 6 months - that could be why. Then it's a question of whether she qualifies for income-based JSA which is means-tested and will be replaced by Universal Credit.

Question: I have a new claim in for DLA do I have to start again with a PIP claim?

Answers: New claims have to be for PIP not DLA in some pilot areas from this month, then all new claims from June.

Question: I'm on incapacity benefit & get a pension from work. My benefit will stop next year. What happens then?

Answers: Incapacity benefit being replaced by Employment and Support Allowance which does stop at State Pension Age. Yours is a common complaint, but you might be able to claim Pension Credit, which is a gateway to other help.

Question: Doesn't it seem as though the poor are being targeted and labelled whilst the rich get richer. Is this the big society Cameron wants?

Answers: 500,000 fewer to get the new PIP rather than Disability Living Allowance, for instance. The richest have lost most from tax/benefit changes in straight cash, but they don't have to rely on benefits.

Any questions?
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