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46 - 59
to find a partner
Hello, I have a c spine injury and had 2 surgeries which failed. I have diabetes, anxiety
I would like to make friends who understand that I am limited and unable to socialize. I miss having many friends and truly think this may be a way to find some true friends.
I like it take care of my small garden. I do Pilates on a reformer table whenever I feel ok.
I like to make healthy dishes.
Pilates and walking
a revision spine surgery
I love music, almost everything from oldies rock to classic,everything.
Miss congeniality, Martian child
Amazon prime movies
Computer software, programming and drama type love stories
Angela Jolie, princess di - for the tireless good she did while alive
The beach late after sun goes down. It’s been too many years since I’ve gone. But it’s always so beautiful.

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