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United Kingdom
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46 - 59
Permanently damaged bad and painful back since I was 34 after 6 accidents in 12 months!
have fun
Aged 56, working f/t self-employed.
Happily married. I am NOT here for any type dating/sleaze, any weirdos will be blocked/reported! Always laughing! Loves Star Trek's Lt. Reg Barclay and Q!

Hates coffee. Loves garlic. Animal/women/LGBTQ+ rights. Proud Atheist. Sneezing expert!

I'm on Twitter and Instagram.
Writing poetry-getting my book self-published this year. Animals/animal rights. Reading.
Reading horror/psycho books!
To move from our current place asap!
Waylon Jennings, Frankie Valli/Four Seasons, The Rubettes, a few others.
Various horrors like Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Leatherface, Predator etc. Some comedies. Star Trek.
N/A as we have no tv by choice in our household.
The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, anything by Guy N Smith, Death Tour by Mike Jackson, The Folly by David Anne. The Vampire's Violin by Michael Romkey. Poland: A History by Adam Zamoyski. Tess Gerritsen. Various others.
My beloved hubby!
Scottish Highlands.

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