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46 - 59
Depression / Anxiety
PNES, PTSD with occasional panic attacks.
meeting new friends
I am an RN and a repeat cancer survivor/warrior diagnosed with PNES which has changed my abilities to live life as I once knew it. I am the mom of 3 beautiful children (2 are grown). I grew up on the Outer Banks of NC but relocated to Oregon in 2015. My seizures limit my ability to drive and have made me leery of public encounters. I'd like to 'meet' new friends and perhaps feel less isolated. I value honesty, a sense of humor, intelligence and kindness above all else. I hope there might be others that feel the same.
I enjoy art, writing, pottery, making candles, gardening, making organic soaps, skin care products & household cleaners. I'm currently working on learning to distill my own essential oils.
Working in my craft room, almost anything that takes my mind off the "real world", ie. work, dr's appointments, bills, stress in general.
Travel (a lot), to meet people and learn as much as they are willing to share of their culture, customs, beliefs, cuisine, etc. and then do it again and again. I find what makes us "different" is actually what makes this world so incredibly beautiful!
I enjoy music from across multiple genres. Perhaps it's the mood that makes the music or the music that makes the mood. I love music that makes one feel good, whether it makes you want to dance, touches your heart, or sends chills throughout your body and leaves you humming the tune for the rest of the day. All time fav song: Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World.
Comedy, RomCom, Musicals (yes, I sing along, no, I cannot sing), Action, some horror but not-so-much the cheesy ones. I enjoy black & white classics however my father tells me I'm a communist because I'm not a fan of Westerns or John Wayne (it's ok, I'm still a Daddy's Girl & he still loves me).
I don't watch a lot of TV, usually background noise or my teenager. Criminal Minds, Bones, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Disney Channel (for the movies & musicals)
Historical fiction & non-fiction. I wish I had more time to read for pleasure.
Without a doubt my Dad and late Momma. Their love was beyond undeniable and I've often felt that I've never had a truly successful relationship bc I'm unlikely to find anyone that could possibly love me the way he loved her or vice versa.
Anywhere near the sea, saltwater is good for the soul. Although a warm climate is very nice.

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