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United Kingdom
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30 - 45
Wheelchair User
I have afew diagnosis, some i dont want to put.
meeting new friends
Hi I'm Samm, I'm looking to meet new friends who have disabilities, I'm in a wheelchair but also have other medical and Mental health issues, but that doesnt stop me from getting on with my life, i just find it hard to connect with friends, so if you think you could find it within yourself to try and be my friend.
Arts and Crafts, Watching movies and series, baking, diamond art, but my main one is soap making, and looking after my 3 kitties.
Soap making, and watching box sets. and spending time with my kitty's.
anything easy listening, rock,pop, some country and abit of R&B
Million dollar baby, Green Mile, And lots of horror films.
Criminal Minds, Ncis, things like that.
like most of the Stephen King Books.
My Daughter, my dad and my sister and most of all my hubby for putting up with me.......
Anywhere HOT. and not raining.
My Penpal
Penfriend i'm looking for is someone, who is easy to talk to and doesn't cast judgement, or go on about god and expect you to follow in there footsteps.
I'm not looking for a relationship just FRIENDSHIP, dont want prisoners.

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