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Breast Cancer,Scoliosis and Lupus
meeting new friends
I am a 54 year old female. I suffer from epilepsy,Breast Cancer,Scoliosis and Lupus. I’m looking to meet new people. I like to draw landscapes,watch tv shows like friends,NYPD Blue,Becker,ER,Bates Motel and Dallas,I like a variety of music except rap and hip-hop I like classic movies like Casablanca,Now voyager,It happened one night,I like to read,as far as sports I like the Chicago cubs and the Green Bay packers.I tend to be quite shy.I prefer snail mail but you can also contact me thru my email address. I will write to males or females. Have a good day!
Genealogy,watching baseball and football,listening to country music and pop music from the 1950’s through the 1980’s,I am trying to learn to play the keyboards,I like to watch classic movies but I also like to watch some modern movies too.I love all animals.
I love to read and go on the internet.
To live the best life possible.
I like all kinds of music,but I especially like country music and pop music from the 1980’s.Although I like to listen to music from the 1950’s,1960’s,1970’s and some music from the 1990’s.
When Harry Met Sally,While You Were Sleeping,Trading Places,Jerry Maguire,Greenland,My Cousin Vinny,The Proposal,Meet The Parents,Little Fockers,Moscow On The Hudson,Goodmorning Vietnam,Stand By Me,The Money Pit,My Big Fat Greek Wedding,Casino,Goodfellas,Once Upon A Time In America,Field Of Dreams,The Natural,Moneyball,Renaisance Man,Moonstruck,It Happenned One Night,Now Voyager,Treasure Of The Sierra Madre,The Petrified Forrest,Ben Hur,The Ten Commandments,The High And The Mighty,Casablanca,The African Queen,Back To The Future,Halloween,Planet Of The Apes and The Right Stuff.Just to name a few.
Three’s Company,I Love Lucy,Sanford &Son,All In The Family,Third Rock From The Sun,Everybody Loves Raymond,Friends,NYPD Blue,ER,Bates Motel & Dallas
Homeland,North and South,The Outsiders,Roots,The Thorn Birds,The Winds Of War,Jewels,Zola,The Promise,Love Story,Rich Man,Poor Man,Master Of The Game,Jaws and A Christmas Carol.
My hero is Anthony Rizzo.Because he didn’t let cancer stop him from living. He is one of my favorite baseball players …even though he plays for the New York Yankees now.

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