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18 - 29
Tinnitus, ear problems, Social Anxiety, O.C.D and mild PTSD.
meeting new friends
Greetings all, welcome to my profile. My name is Sterling and I am 19. Currently I live in Canada and I am here to make platonic relations with like minded people.

I caught the Polio-virus when I was about 9. Therefore, I am unable to walk and use Wheelchair to get around. However, I am able to do most of the things and sometimes with some help.

I am demisexual and celibate; I just see there is way more to life than se.x. and that itself I believe is a million times better shared with a loved one/s rather than anyone, or better yet marriage. Moreover, it is often hard for me and people like me in that part to find pure friends because lately this world is toxic driven and flooded with in-capabilities of something worth and long lasting.

Anyways on to my main point here, I am here to make honest, and caring platonic friends; whom we can share our hardships, interests and accomplishments in life. No lies. No nonsense. Just true friendship.

If you are looking for the like, welcome to contact me -by the way, I am new here so I might mess up before I get the hang of the controls here.
I have many hobbies such as art, sports, and movies. Writing, reading and going for walks. I also enjoy drawing and mediating. I LOVE watching: Figure Skating, Debke, and Irish Dance. I am very multicultural, and love learning. What about you?
Art, writing, sports, nature, parks,
Graphic Designer or Occupational Therapist
ASIAN/Middle Eastern/AFRICAN/AMERICAN Music: Arabic, Indian/Punjabi, Danish, Turkish, Afghanistan, Algerian, some Korean/Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Ghanaian, Spanish, and English... Oromo, Swahili, and Somali...
Animations, Drama, Romance and documentaries.
Most of my reading I like to do on media formats.

On the contrary, sometimes I enjoy reading clearly, simply written and colourful books.
I have yet to figure. . . for now, me, myself and I.
The whole world. Every place is unique, it is only people whom their brain floats away that make it look bad.

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