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18 - 29
Paraplegic / Quadriplegic
brain injury
meeting new friends
i'm martin i'm from oslo in norway i like football and like tottenham in england and lillestrøm in norway i want to talk to people since much in my room since handicap since was in accident 2 week before was 15 i try moped first time and fell off and hit concrete box with head first i split scull and get brain injury and broke neck i'm c2 complete that mean i can't feel or move below chin only face i can't talk or swallow or breathe since handicap i have trach and ventilator and food in tube in stomach since brain injury i'm bad remember and much pain and pain attack in head if sit much or tv or music or sounds i get pain in head and pain attack and faint that why i'm most in bed not in chair sorry i write slow i have 3 button at chin to navigate on keyboard on screen i can't use mouse self need help to mouse sorry hope you will talk to me
i like football
sit much in my chair and go out and go see football match with friends not only be in bed in room
new york

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