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30 - 45
Blind / Sight Impaired
meeting new friends
hi i am 34 years old i live in California i love to talk to people i am warm and friendly i love to make new friends and have great conversations with them to i am a very nice person as well
football my team is the green bay packers i like to go out to eat and i love just going out doors exploring new things i love to be out in the community having fun i love to go to the movies as long as it is not scary i do not like scary movies i like more comedy movies and family movies better
swimming working out
to travel the whole world
80s 90s i am a backstreet boys fan and i am also a shania twain fan too
comedy family i like Adam Sandler movies
80s 90s full house i watch T.B.N most of the time
the babysitters club the boxcar children and books like that and christian ones too and the bible
god/Jesus/and the holy spirit/ and my mom/she is a single mom/and she raised me all by herself/ and my grandpa/
calorado ive been there ten times like it alot i also like hanging around my church
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hi to all my pen pals

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