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60 and Over
Depression / Anxiety
Kidney Failure/Kidney Transplant Depression. Social Anxiety
to find a partner
Hi, and welcome.
About me........ I'm a very shy and lonely guy looking for a friend or two, and maybe more, and even a activity partner.

I'm 6' 1" tall, 140 lbs. I'm tall and thin with Long Black (and some grey) hair. Brown with some green eyes.

I think I'm Honest, kind and Trustworthy. I'm also very Responsible, neat and clean. I'm non judgemental and asking you please contact me....
I love to Hike, camp and fish, and also Picnics are fun too, when you have some one to picnic with. I love the Mountains and Desert in general. I also Have a stamp collection I enjoy working on, and I collect Knives too. I LIke watching Movie. I love classic rock, reading Sci Fi/Fantasy books, computers, Internet, biking, and movies, Outdoors, events, concerts. Football.....Namely Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and Arizona Cardinals.
Find soulmate
Rock, Classic Rock, Soft Rock, R & B, Metal, Alternative, Celtic, Pop-Rock, Metal, 60's, 70's and 80's music.
The Ten Commandments, How to train your Dragon, Sci Fi/ Fantasy, Action, Advebture, Mystery, Comedies
I don't watch tv much.
Sci Fi, Fantasy (Glen Cook) (Frankowski)
Nelson mandela
Mountains, Forests, Anywhere with with along at my side!

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