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Depression / Anxiety
meeting new friends
I like to think people close to me would describe me as kind, creative, loyal and caring. I like to laugh and to make others laugh. I care about people and try to do good. I am hoping to meet similar and mutually supportive people with whom I would enjoy writing to, perhaps talking on the phone, perhaps meeting in person. Type of disability truly does not matter. I can tell you more about me when we chat :)
I enjoy reading. I like to do creative projects like art and writing. I enjoy watching movies. I like to go to used bookstores, thrift shops and flea markets to find "hidden treasures". I like seeing nature. I LOVE animals. My user name is BRYCESMOM as Bryce was my amazing French bulldog. I mostly enjoy spending time with people I care about and there are not enough people in my life.
See above.
To continue to do the things I enjoy. To maintain control over the sx of my disability. To spend time among the Native American community. To work in animal rescue. To return to my career and perhaps pursue a Ph. D. In same.
Very eclectic tastes. Classic Rock, classical, some old soft folk songs. I also tend to enjoy specific songs in addition to types of music .
I like a lot of different kinds of movies. Off of the top of my head, I would say I like comedies, drama, some kids movies, documentaries. Not as much horror and action.
I don't watch too much tv these days. I think one of my all time favorite shows is ( was) House. The Big Bang Theory makes me laugh. I like some shows where I learn things. Usually, though, since I don't do much tv of late, I'll hang out and watch whatever others are watching.
I love books. I have a lot of old books and especially old children's books. I like to go to books stores ( used book stores, books at thrift shops) and buying books that look interesting to me. I have done fiction, mysteries and have done some science fiction. I like collecting unusual books, children's books and Native American books lately.
They change and to many to list. People who've died for peace and justice. People who risk their lives for others. My dog, Bryce, who passed away. Everyone who met her she made smile. Even through her cancer treatments. One of my friends, Robbie, who was a quad/ para at a young age and never let that stop him. At 13, he forgave the drunk driver who hit him and that alone makes him a hero in my book .
They change, I just spent ten years living in southwest Utah and loved the beauty of the Southwest. I've lived in Vermont and also appreciate the quaintness of New England. I'd like to spend more time in New Mexico . I'd like to visit Alaska. I'd really l

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