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60 and Over
I am not disabled
meeting new friends
Very young 68 year old who enjoys younger people! I am very honest and sincere! Back ground, College, USAF, Medical field and 41 years at current job. Divorced, live alone with the exception of four months a year where I take in college men from different countries through a foreign exchange program. I may not have a disability but am a great listener and friend for anyone who needs someone. I have in the past gone through some depression where I saw a therapist so I do understand depression and some anxiety. Hope to hear from some people! Thank you!
Travel, spending time in the mountains, by the ocean! Love nature! Projects around my home, in to health and fitness, working out at a local gym four days a week. Most of all, spending time with family and friends
working out at the gym
just enjoy life and travel more
60s, 70s and 80s
action movies military movies
Survivor and sitcoms! Also old shows from when I was a kid
true stories not one favorite
people in the military
spending time up the mountains

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