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60 and Over
to find a partner
let me tell you a bit about me.
I am Les, 68.
I lost my lower right leg in 2012, this mean i have to use a scooter or wheelchair to get about.
I have a mobility car so i can drive anywhere i want to.

I am a kind and caring person and hope that the leg does not put you off.
I Love driving to the coast and into the county, but it is not so good to do it alone.

I am looking for a caring and loving lady that would look at the person and not the leg.
I have had a few women who called me hoppy and said nasty things.
Ido ignore them but it still hurts.

I do love socialising and the odd drink, even play bingo lol
love the 60's and 70's and country music.
am honest caring and loving, holding hands and kissing in public are normal to me, i also love beeing at home and just snuggling watching a flim
So please forget the leg and get to know me, you might be surprised.

I used to do fishing but can't now, but I enjoy photography and jewellery making now.
I love to have a laugh, but know when to be serious.
I also used to have an allotment I grew veg and flowers, sweet Williams are my favourite.
golden oldies and country are my music of choice, but I listen to all sorts.
if you have any questions please ask away
you can email me at ...olderguy64@aol.com
Photoshop chatting, photography,
using photoshop
Take life as it comes
50's to 8-'s and country
shrek, B F G
cop shows
dont read many
i dont have one
on the beach

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