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18 - 29
Brain Injured
(Hypoxia and disarthria)
to find a partner
I'm 21 and I became disabled after hanging myself when I was 18.. Want to know more I will tell you just drop me a line
I don't really have any of my own I have always tried to fit my life around people that I knew although I do have a bit of a nack for learning new languages
TVs at the moment but hopefully that will change
Anything that pleases the ears
Comedy's and action adventure movies
Elementary, the flash, super girl, the walking dead.. That's just to name a few
Don't like reading but if I need to I am capable of doing so very well I might add. I am very grammatically correct and I hate it when I read something that isn't except the use of text abbreviations
My dad he's my rock
Italy volterra




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