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46 - 59
Asthma, Lupus, Degenerative and Herniated Disc, Fibro, and more lol
meeting new friends
I am physically disabled with a lot of physical problems so I can relate to others that do, too! I use to love bowling, amusement parks, eating out, going other places but can't do any of that anymore. I am allergic to most meds and have had some severe reactions so I am in to safe alternative remedies and yes, I found some safe ones that do work for some of my physical problems. I think our state of mind has a lot to do with being able to cope along with a good sense of humor LOL No, there is not anything funny about what we go through but humor helps me relieve stress even if for only a brief moment I will take whatever relief I can get :) At times it will show I am here when I am not here as I keep sites open even when I am away from my computer.
And oh, I am HAPPILY married so sorry guys, I am NOT here for that.
Now that I am mostly home bound my biggest hobby is chatting LOL with other ladies. I am straight so it's friendship only!
I might add that while I do respond in open forums to both men and women, but in messages or in chats I will keep a conversation going only with ladies. Nothing against men, I have one LOL and it keeps him happy. After many years of only one marriage I plan to keep it that way :)
Before I became disabled I loved to go bowling and play mini golf
with my disabilities probably just a couch potato lol
Hallmark movies animal movies Christmas movies
Animal shows, When Calls The Heart, Signed Sealed Delivered
Don't read much
Everyone that takes time to listen and care about others.
Before I became disabled it was Walt Disney World

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