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60 and Over
Depression / Anxiety
I suffer with Depression and Anxiety especially if I'm somewhere that I don't know or people I'm not sure about. But I can walk okay and use of my hands no problem, but it's more Mental Disability.
to meet someone with the same disability
Hi I've joined Able Here hoping to find LOVE ONLINE but not having much luck so far.
I'm single male age 66, and easy going person, I'm looking for a real relationship. I'm BISEXUAL AND PROUD OF IT to have relationships with, I am GENUINE. My only disability is that I have mental Problems which is coursed extra fluid on my brain. I love having fun in all sorts, I don't Have SKYPE, I've got WINDOWS XP, not WINDOWS 10. cost too much to change it.
I like to listen to Music 60s 70s 80s and some heavy metal music, I like DVD films could be anything. I like decorating painting etc.
Listening to my CD's or watching DVD's
Live each day has it comes
Music 60s 70s 80s some heavy metal, some little classical.
Cartoons, Horror, sci-fi,
Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Cartoons and Kids TV. And watching how things are made.
I'm not a book worm, I cannot get into books much. I loose interest or get distracted
My Grandparents who has long passed away, But they are still close to my heart. I think they maybe looking out for me. And I missed them so much.
My Home my bed LOL




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