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Blind / Sight Impaired
to find a partner
hi i am anshu from india i am 31 years old i was student of animation and was living a good life but i lost my left eye in a accident,since then i am in home and now i want to write my own novel and i am doing research for it,i am here to meet people like me and if possible to have a life partner i am not in a hurry but i am hoping for it.
i love to understand how world works and for that i like to understand geopolitics and i love to watch movies and food channel,when i was fine i love to go for road trips and clicking pictures.
to write a novel
i have so many but mostly from hindi songs
the dark knight rises,inception,heat,godfather and matrix trilogy
bhabhi ji ghar par hai,may i come in madam and FIR
lenin's what is to be done
if asking real life heros than BHAGAT SINGH,13th prime minister of india ATAL JI and if asking frictional then superman,batman are most favorite
in my country i like himachal region and in other countries i like st.petersburg in russia

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