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18 - 29
Blind / Sight Impaired
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My name is Julia and I come from Sweden. I am completely blind, but I do not let my disability stop me from accomplishing my goals. I use the computer with the help of a screen reading software called JAWS. This software translates everything that's on the screen into braille that I can then read with a special braille display that is connected to the computer. I have a Master's degree in Human Ecology. Generally, I am more of a listener than a speaker, but I always enjoy interacting with people and discussing a wide range of topics.
Music, literature, foreign cultures, philosophy, sustainable living, health and fitness
Pop and folk songs
Documentaries, quizzes and news programmes
Autobiographies and realistic fiction
My grandparents, my parents, my partner, anyone who works for the full inclusion of people with disabilities in society and anyone who fights for the promotion of environmental sustainability and human well-being in general

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