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46 - 59
Crumbling spine in two places
meeting new friends
I am a carer plus I have a disability but I dont let it stop me enjoying life. I care very much about my friends and will do anything for them. I am so proud of my Joanna and the sale of her book life after my stroke but since January this year Jo has lost all of her sight so it's harder and more demanding to care for her so we are both learning new things and how to deal with life. But it does not stop me from caring about others and making others happy I help and talk to everyone who needs to talk and need help no matter what disability they have I have made some very good friends from this site over the years and we have been to see some of them and we go out for meals and we chat on fb and by e-mail. But that's me just a caring person as that's one of my passions in life the other is cooking anyway if you wish to chat with me please feel free hugs to you all
I like to cook and I like going for long drives and playing games on the pc I like music of all kinds I like visiting friends and love to travel to other parts of the world.
playing darts
help the wife sell her book
I like so many kinds of music its hard to pick one as I like loads.I love country music
I have a few film's I like
countdown any quize programme's on tv
endless love by james scot
Joanna Barnes my wife for writing two book's on her disability and getting them published I am proud of her
My Penpal
Hello I a Dab I would like to become pen-pals with members I will always reply to your mail I am a very caring person. I am married to Jo we have been married since 22nd of June 1991 I am Jo`s carer but I have my own medical problems. We have become good friends with a few members and we love to visit and chat on fb and e-mail and on here Sorry I have not been on the site for a long time because Jo's disabilities have got much worse and since January she has lost all of her sight as well as her disability from her stroke she had at 16. Anyway please get in touch take care. I would love to chat with you

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