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30 - 45
Multiple Sclerosis
meeting new friends
I am having my internet cut off soon so if you use facebook or text through your phone, I can still keep in touch through my cell phone. Having MS has changed my life. I am now a homebody. I find ways of keeping busy and I try to keep a smile. I have few friends now due to the scare of MS and could really use some real friends and would love to find that someone special too.
writing, music, word games, decorating, taking care of my dogs
listening to music
to be happy
Blues, Newer Rock, Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Alternative, Hair Bands, Metal
My Life As A House, Legends of the Fall, Benny and Joon, Secret Window, What's Eating Gilbert Grape....
CSI NY, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, Without A Trace
All of Anne Rice's books
My Granny
In the arms of a loved one.

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