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About Me
30 - 45
Multiple Sclerosis
And suffer from anxiety
meeting new friends
I'm 46 with ms and suffer from anxiety
Would like to meet new friends
From anywhere
Like(trying)to keep fit swimming watching sports cards
Although I haven't been swimming much lately due to my anxiety
Cards, watching movies,traveling
To enjoy myself
All sorts
King Kong ( b/ w) all movies
Match of the day
Family guy ,
,,Sherlock Holmes
Although do not read now much
Anyone who's ill,, disabled who just don't stop ,,
My Penpal
Hi my names mark, I have ms and tendinitis ,,
And also suffer from high anxiety ,,
Would like to here from anyone who wants a pen pal
As I'm stuck in house ,, I don't get to chat to many people and would be great to find pen pal

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