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46 - 59
Neurological Disorder
meeting new friends
I am Dewayne Anthony, I currently reside in New Mexico the land of enchancement. I am a Native American, I partcipate in a daily program called Day Habilitation. A little personal intro on Dewayne on behalf of Dayhab Staff.
Dewayne like to work on jumbo jigsaw puzzle, going out to the community visiting areas, interacting with my peers, enjoying having a movie day.
Enjoys working on my pegs activties or coloring using variety of colorful cranyons.
Dewayne want to ride the farris wheel at least 4 times, maybe ride a horse, learn to bake something good, and explore computer games.
Enjoys listening to classical music and some native music.
Enjoys watching actions movies with my peers.
Dewayne daily routine is watching the news in the morning and evening.
Enjoys listening to staff read different variety of book to him. He's amazed by the picture and pay close attention to the book.
Dewayne would say his staff that works with him on a daily basis. Dayhab & CL Staff are his heroes.
Enjoys visiting Albuquerque, NM, going to local areas in my surrounding community like Gallup, NM & beautiful Coyote Canyon, NM.

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