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meeting new friends
I am a fighter/survivor.. I have had numerous surgery's from open heart to vascular on both legs. January Friday the 13th.. I lost the fight with my right leg and became an amputee, but I have not lost the fight to enjoy my family and enjoying every day God has given me.. I won't say there aren't days when it is hard to keep a smile on my face,i am sure everyone has that problem,.But I keep fighting so I can see my granddaughters graduate, the youngest is in kindergarten, so you can see I have a long fight ahead. So if anyone like me, would like someone to share live with, I would really line a pen-pale.
I love storms..(I'm gonna be a storm chaser when I grow up) lol
I love being outside and walking in the rain,(although that is limited for now) I enjoy being on the computer and going places I can only dream of. Keeping in touch with friends, but most of all I enjoy every minute God gives me with my granddaughters.
being outside
Mostly county but will listen to about anything
Cops, Nightwatch
J.F. Kennedy, John Lenon
Any place i can here water run

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