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60 and Over
Paraplegic / Quadriplegic
to meet someone with the same disability
First of all - I'm paralyzed waist down and have been for 29 years. Had a motorcycle accident. Life goes on. Now - I'm deep into photography and photo art. I'm mostly a pretty quiet person, have a good sense of humor, polite - all the good stuff. lol lol Don't drink, smoke or do drugs and hate BS artists and liars with a passion. Very open minded and honest. And of course like 99% of everyone else on the surface I'm one person and in the deep hidden recesses I'm another. Ssssooooo....... I quit driving about a month ago - was given a new chair that I couldn't get in my van with, there would have been too many hassles to get things right so I quit. Oh well.
Hobbies - photography and producing photo art. See prestonphoto@weebly.com
I'm retired sooooo......what plans?? lol lol
Smooth jazz, classic rock, oldies.
ME!!! lol lol
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What I am looking for is a woman who is as very open minded as I am and not afraid to get down and dirty as me both in conversation and on skype. As I mentioned, we are all 2 people wrapped up in one body. everyone sees one type but only a certain other sees the inner workings. prestonphoto@hotmail.com Put disabled on subject line or chances are I'll just delete it. Thanks

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