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Aspergers Syndrome
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Much about me is internalized, that's why I often look for dreams to enhance my view and find a sense of joy and creativity in that. I consider myself a drifter, a dreamer, looking more at visions, visuals then reality and life, it's like I can open my eyes for a smile I genuinely feel and shut my eyes for what is painful or creates a discomfort.

Emotional, sensitive, lonely, and things in between, but each of the things that defines a person, an individual can be open for change but some things don't change, it's more the world around that change.

I escape, I look and I see and I keep escaping into my own world, but it's cold and lonely, reality is cold and harsh but what I see is not where I wanna live and feel my hearts passion, but I see something I can on my own create, can you see that also?

For me writing, music and emotions is who I am, my voice is not muted but the internal dreams is viewed with a personal clarity that reality often don't give me, due to not being understood, feeling confused and not understanding.

I am the red and the blue, but red without the pain and blue for the clear summer skies even if life does not conform to my view I still see it.

Trance music, writing, gaming, movies, cats, exercise
Uplifting trance, goa trance

My Penpal
Hi there I'm Thomas, I'm looking for a female email pen pal that likes to write and have something in common with me, I feel in terms of friendship, to define it, I think it's important to have something in common. and that is also more emotionally and not just interest, to understand the thoughts and want to be part in connecting together, and that to me is defined friendship.

In 1996 I started my interest in writing, as I gotten older, I became more into escapism, not to say writing is a form of storytelling, but personal thoughts and feelings I mean. I don't think there is a purpose for me to look at daily life and life and say that is worth writing about, what does that say about me as an individual, I don't think so.

If you like creativity in words, emotions inside your self, looking at things from how it feels, thoughts to share, that is what I embrace. I think a woman that can look at writing and feel the joy from it, can understand that what I seek is writing from the heart and soul, and not a phrase for nothing but write and feel, visualize the thoughts and see that being creative, being one self is writing, a reflection and a connection, together when being alone.

Writing is a longing for understanding and connecting, not about reality or stories, but about the heart of me as an individual, the sense that there is not pain, no confusion, no discomfort, just a connecting feeling of relating to one another emotionally, if you understand that contact me.

Anonymous and yet open and seen, closed off and yet welcoming, that is the form and choosing to express it in my own way.

My email for direct connection or a message here as a bubble of sorts, wizardnerevarine@gmail.com


Standing alone, as I run, from a distance I look at the detached apathy in others. I can also see myself closing my eyes to regain some comfort and not let a a world in turmoil blanken my stare.
Not to be abstract, nor deep, nor looking at it in ambiguity, but happiness. fulfillment to move around together with sadness, depression, so it's not stagnant, the always bright glow is an embrace.
If there is a question regarding the why, being introspective with the dividing line between curiosity, empathy can bring some interesting answers, but at the end of it confusion kicks in, all is lost
Explaining the layers and nuance of drifting. A meaning for me as a way to find a peaceful moment away from the noise of reality. To interact with someone regarding this can at times be difficult.
Outside air to breath in and breath out, soothing tales of memories, visions and entwined with fantasies, like the blur of conscience that alert a morning, the world is pulsating but I can't feel it.
Misinformed, misunderstanding and lay bare a confusion, a question develops out of instant impression. As the impression seeps in I lay down the offense in why do I exist, I withdraw with ample time.
Interesting how at ease the muscle groups feel as I walk and sense awareness, the high protein maybe, the repeated conditioning, unlike the dread and sludge forward walking, wellness for awareness.
Happiness that is sustained, as defined with a sparkle spice of freedom, to be more then part of time and enduring the constant pulse. To elevate the melody of love and joy and dream through it all.
Flickering with an ordinary and somewhat detached tone, the smile is giving, at the same time a rejected posture. The time moves in the fellow society of the alone loneliness with a pulse forgotten.
Complexity of kindness together with honesty. To lie and at other times be honest, to shade the white in the lies by being kind and yet from the kindness of the heart, on another morning be cruel.




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