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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 2 years 10 months ago #66885

In the time that I have been a member of ablehere, I have met some wonderful people, but I have also come across some people who are bigoted, and by bigoted, I am talking about people who are homophobic!
I once got a connection request from a young woman, and I accepted it, and sent her a message to say Hi and told her about myself (I mentioned that I am Gay) and she didn't reply and removed the connection!
I also got a connection request from a guy and the same thing happened!
Actually, he deleted his profile and opened a new one with a new name, but used the same photo!
DUH? How stupid do you think I am?
In both cases, they were dark skinned and in wheelchairs, and I couldn't help but think, "Don't you face bigotry from people? You should know what it's like and NOT do the same to others!'
Another time I sent a message to a young woman who was online, she read my message, but couldn't be bothered to answer me, all she had to do say was Hi and I would have been happy!
I was a bit peeved, so I sent another message to say I thought she was rude, still nothing!
I've noticed that she has 2 different profiles and promotes herself as being cute, sweet and adorable!?
No, you're not, I don't care that you are disabled and in a wheelchair, that is no excuse for being uppity, rude and bigoted!
Being disabled does not mean that the world owes you a living and that you can be rude to others!
It should make you more aware of other peoples feelings!
To those people I have mentioned, if you are reading this, I won't 'name and shame' you, but you know who you are!
In the past I have known 'White' Gay men who were bigoted against guys who are dark skinned and Asian, and I never understood it, as a so called 'minority' who face bigotry every day, they should not be like that, it does not make sense to me!
The following user(s) said Thank You: Bluegirl

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 2 years 8 months ago #67392

Thank you Bluegirl, for your Thank you!l
I've noticed that there are a lot of views of this topic, but no one is willing to comment!?
And I have to ask, Why?
Are you all bigoted against Gay people, or just too afraid to stand up and be counted?
You know, it's not like anyone would know who you are!?
I said it before, and I will say it again, I do NOT understand people who face bigotry themselves, but feel it's okay for them to be bigoted toward others!
And this time I will name names!
Bubblegumcake, you contacted me and made a connection request, but when I answered you, you ignored me, and deleted the connection request, and said, 'I'm going away for awhile because no one wants to talk to me!'
Well that's not true is it?
You're just Homophobic!
Let's face it love, you're dark skinned and in a wheelchair and I'm guessing you face bigotry everyday?
And 'Cute Sarah', otherwise known as 'Sarah Louise UK', Yeah, you've got at least 2 profiles haven't you!?
You're a very rude little person!
You say you want to make friends, but when someone contacts you, you ignore them!
Oh sorry, when a GAY person contacts you, you ignore them!
And to Whatshisface who's name I can't remember, well let's face it, he's not worth remembering, who is dark skinned and in a wheelchair who sent me a connection request, then deleted his profile and made a new one just to avoid me, you're just a complete Dick!
If you're going to do that, have the sense to use a different photo, you F*ckwit!
How stupid do you think I am?
I have nothing against anyone, I don't care about skin color, religion, sexual preference etc, I just hate people who are Bigoted Twats!

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 2 years 8 months ago #67398

Okay Joel, you made a point! I wouldn't say all these people are bigoted maybe more afraid as they haven't spoken with a gay person. I know we are friends and I have a gay relation plus a couple of other gay friends so I know the 'gay world' if you like! I know what to expect and gay people are pretty much like everyone else (except when there having a diva fit!! LOL ) I think some people expect someone like a drag queen which is not true!! So don't label everyone with the bigoted brush, I know your not a nasty person.

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 2 years 8 months ago #67405

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I don’t think everyone is bigoted , or afraid for that matter , I am neither I am also not judgmental, just because someone doesn’t reply , I don’t take offence , for all I know that person could be having a worse day than me .... Talking to a gay person is no different than talking to a straight person.. however reading your posts you come across to someone who has never spoken to you before as someone who is confrontational maybe slightly aggressive , you were making a point and I think anyone who has read this got that on the first post let alone the second.

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 2 years 8 months ago #67411

Bubbadog, as you already know, I was a bit pickled on Friday when I wrote that, and unfortunately, when I've had a few I sometimes get a bit touchy and say things that I probably shouldn't!?
Tiny, I'm actually basically a rather quiet and shy person, but I've had a Sh*t life and I got to a point where I was fed up with being treated like Sh*t and now I stand up for myself and say what I feel!
Sometimes it gets me in trouble, which is wrong because everyone has a right to stand up for themselves, but in my 52 years of life, I have always been made to feel that I don't have that right, that I should just Shut Up and let people say and do what they want to me!

I'm not saying that everyone here is bigoted, obviously that's not true, but some people obviously are!
I have had quite a few bad experiences on here with people ignoring me or cutting me off as soon as they realize I'm Gay, or being downright rude to me, or in a couple of cases, pretending to be Gay themselves just to wind me up, because somehow they find that to be fun!?
Bubbadog, I've had people I worked with say, 'I've never met a Gay person before'!
And I was like, 'Really? You're how old, and live in a big city like this, with Gay people everywhere you look, and you've NEVER met a Gay person!?
Actually you have, many, many, many times, but you just didn't realize it because you have this stereotype that all Gay men are effeminate or do Drag!?'
Hell, even I've met Gay men who I didn't realize were Gay!?
One was a tall, good looking, muscular football player, and I thought he was just a nice straight boy who liked having Gay friends!?
What really got me when was when I worked with a couple of Gay men who were so obvious, and one even wore a ton of foundation, but the straight people I worked with didn't realize, and the girls wanted to know if the guy who wore all the makeup was married!?
And I was asked, 'We've heard that one of the women here is a Lesbian, who is it?'
And I was like, 'It's not my job to out someone, and if you haven't worked that out by now there's something wrong!?'
When the store manager interviewed me for the job, he warned me that the woman I would be working with was a Butch Bull Dyke and hard to get along with!
So how no one else realized is totally beyond me!?
But then I can never understand why so many straight people just assume that everyone else is straight and are 'shocked' when they find out that they aren't!?
No one should ever just assume anything about someone else!
My mother was shocked when I told her that I'm Gay, and I don't know why, I was 18, had never shown interest in girls, and when 2 sisters who I was friends with got other ideas, I ran in the opposite direction!
But no one should ever have to 'come out as Gay', straight people aren't made to feel that they have to 'come out as straight', so why should we have to do it?
Why can't a young person simply bring someone home and say, 'Mum, Dad, this is my boyfriend/girlfriend!' and be done with it without all the Bullsh*t!?
I saw a hilarious video on Youtube, where a young man walks into the kitchen and says, 'Dad, Dad, I have something to tell you, I'm straight!'
And one of the fathers burst into tears and says, 'Oh no, where did we go wrong!?'
In many cultures, same sex relationships were considered to perfectly normal, and the ancient Greeks even encouraged it in their soldiers!
They figured that soldiers would fight harder to protect their lovers!
And there was a Greek army that was made up completely of Gay men, and they won every battle they were ever in!
(I'd like to point out that armed forces these days are Homophobic, but without Leonardo Da Vinci, who was Gay, they would not have Tanks, Submarines or Helicopters, because he invented them!)
The Japanese had no problem with same sex relationships, and it was accepted that a man could be married with children, and still have a male lover on the side!
Okay, I don't approve of that, but that was their way!
And traditionally, Indian culture was fine with it!
It was the Europeans who messed things up for other cultures!
On one hand they were sex mad, but at the same time, they made out they were so prim and proper!?
They were also filthy Bastards who didn't bathe and didn't even wipe their arses after having a Sh*t!
No wonder Europeans had so much disease, the Black Plague started because they were so filthy and threw their 'waste' into the street, which then infected and was spread by rats!
The only reason why male Homosexuality was made illegal, was because Queen Victoria didn't approve of it, and she imposed her laws on the Indian people as well as her own!
She had the cheek to call herself the 'Empress of India!'
No she Bloody wasn't, they had their own royal family!
She was a fat, sour faced old Hag who looked like a frigid old cow, but was actually a raving Nympho who couldn't get enough of her hubby's c*ck and that's the only reason she had 9 kids!
Apparently she hated her kids, and was P*ssed Off when her doctor told her not to have any more, because that meant she'd have to stop having sex!
I think the only reason she made male Homosexuality illegal was because she couldn't stand the thought of any man not wanting to root her!?
She didn't make female homosexuality illegal, because she didn't believe that Lesbians existed!
So basically, even tho many Europeans didn't approve of Homosexuality, it wasn't actually illegal until that Po faced old Bitch came along!
And as far as I'm concerned, if you are comfortable with your own sexuality, you won't have a problem with anyone else's!
Straight men who are Homophobic, usually have something to hide!?
Like the British politician who was a member of Thatchers cabinet and wanted all Gay people to be locked up, and was caught by police in Hyde Park picking up rent boys!?
And he's just one of many anti Gay politicians who have been caught out!
There was one not long ago in the US who was caught out by a guy he met on a Gay Chat website and had to resign!
Men like that are so afraid of their own sexuality and so filled with self hatred, that they want to hurt others just to hide themselves, but to me, the more Homophobic a guy is, the more obvious he is!
Years ago, when I was young, I was friends with a group of guys who were a bit younger than me, and after a while, they suddenly didn't want me around because I was Gay, but, the fact is, I knew they were all doing each other!
A couple of them told me about it and made moves on me!
They're all married with kids now and would never admit what they used to get up to together, but it's typical of horny teenage guys to fool around together and then deny it later on!
Anyway, I'm gonna leave it here, the thing I like about this website is that I can vent my feelings and give my opinions about things without being judged or put down!
Or can I?

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 2 years 8 months ago #67420

Of course you can Joel, but best not when you have had a few drinks!! I understand it's a person right to not come out if they don't want to, I know with my Step-Brother he was absolutely cr*ping himself when he decided to come out to our Dad (because he wasn't the easiest man, could blow up at the slightest thing!) but when he told him he said 'I know! I've known for ages, so!!' In this world today there shouldn't be a stigma if your gay or even transgender. And if any member decides to troll any members who are openly Gay on this site you will be given a warning and if it continues after that you'll get banned from this site

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 2 years 8 months ago #67437

I recently offered friendship to someone who is on here pretty much 24/7, every time I came on, no matter what time day or night, he was here!
He posted comments about being lonely etc, so I thought, what the Hell, I'm willing to be his friend and be someone he can talk to!
All I have received in return are nasty messages accusing me harassing him and trying to turn him Gay!?
The guy is a Fruitcake and I don't appreciate his accusations!
This is what I have been talking about, people who are bigoted and try to turn their bigotry on others and accuse them of things they haven't done!
All I did was try to be a friend, and this is what I get, and I do not deserve it!

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 2 years 8 months ago #67456

I can't help but laugh at this point.

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 2 years 8 months ago #67461

This site is here for everyone, if someone contacts you and your not interested in being friends with them the best thing to do is politely say sorry not interested in being friends. That way nothing is said that will be taken wrongly and upset people.:(

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 8 months 1 week ago #71703

You have to stop carrying those thoughts around with you. It will hold you back. Clear your mind. Leave that anger behind. Dont put so much energy into the hate.

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 8 months 1 week ago #71704

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Joey get on with life , I have not seen bigoted people in here.
YOU on the other hand are seeking comment and attraction unnecessarily to you.
So enjoy and leave others alone and to their lives.

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People on ablehere who are bigotted! 8 months 1 week ago #71705

Sadly someone thought it was fun 2 attack Joelyb's sexual preference which is not allowed on here so the person was warned and Joely has taken a break from the site as he is currently unwell, I'm in touch with him. JJ he was not seeking anything, I know this as he sent me copies of the messages he was receiving and was aware of what was going on. The reason he was having a rant because not just the person on here but in the world in general still 2day there are sadly people who are gay, lesbian, bi, transgender phobic and enjoy bullying these people on networking platforms as well as in public, it should be an inclusive society, people free 2 live as they want but sadly it isn't.

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