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30 - 45
I am not disabled
I work as a carer for the council
meeting new friends
I'm here to connect with people,I'm not looking for a relationship.. last year I was happy I had my man my family,my man passed away very suddenly last year,so I'm only offering friendship,I think I'm easy enough to talk to,I listen and I can give advice if it's needed .... I Love my job,friends and family
Hopeless with new technology lol

I'm here to possibly make new friends,I'm open minded,laid back and never judge a book by its cover.

Never been on a site like this before so I'll apologise in advance as I figure out how to use it and connect
Music,laughing,connecting with people,getting tattoo's (I have 16 for now)
Anything from Queen to Iron maiden,Joe Satriani,Shinedown
Love Disney films (lion king is a childhood fave) and marvel movies labrynth,Pirates of the Caribbean, fast and furious... really want to see assassins creed too.... comedy,action and the occasional horror
Pure genius, arrow , flash ,scorpion, NCIS , blindspot ,marvels avengers
Thor , Batman & superman :)
Anywhere with family & friends ..... Newcastle

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